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BAT scale

Simple. Durable. Powerful. Accurate.

To optimise production and maximise profit, production specialists and managers all over the world rely on BAT1 manual scales for accurate, actionable data.

Bat Scale
  • Unrivalled accuracy

    Unrivalled accuracy

    Consistent results to within 1g for all kinds of birds

  • Easy to read

    Easy to read

    Large, high-contrast display shows all your data clearly

  • Powerful PC software

    Powerful PC software

    Easily turns your data into clear graphs and reports

Bat Scale
  • Increased workflow

    Increased workflow

    Audible signals help workers move more smoothly

  • Large memory

    Large memory

    Stores thousands of entries among up to 80 groups

  • Long-lasting battery

    Long-lasting battery

    Up to 8 hours of use per charge (27 with battery pack)


Accurate, durable, and easy to use, the BAT1 is specifically designed for live, moving birds. Its internal computer also provides useful statistics to help you manage your flock properly.


Result Output

  • Visual


    Weight, statistics and graphs can be displayed on the unit.
  • Computer


    Weight data is transferred directly to a computer via USB cable.
  • Print


    Results can be printed from a portable, battery-powered printer.
    * Optional
  • BAT Cloud*

    BAT Cloud*

    Advanced processing and remote access from anywhere via the cloud.
    * Optional



  • Most accurate scale for all kinds of birds
  • Adds a timestamp to every entry for increased worker accountability
  • High-contrast display shows complex statistics and graphs
  • Comes with powerful PC software to easily monitor and compare growth curves
  • BAT-Cloud compatible (comes with FREE 3-month trial of BAT Cloud!)


  • Requires at least one person to operate


  • Maximum weight 30 or 50 kg (60 or 100 lb)
  • Resolution 1 g (0.001lb)
  • Memory capacity up to 12,000 birds in 80 groups
  • Battery life up to 27 hours
  • PC connection USB
  • Power supply USB 5V
  • Software Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 compatible with older BAT1 scales
  • 14 languages Česky, Deutsch, Dutch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Magyar, Polski, Português, Suomi, Türkçe, Русский, 日本語


  • Number of birds weighed
  • Average weight
  • Daily gain
  • Standard deviation
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Uniformity
  • Histogram
  • Difference from the standard growth curve
  • Sex differentiation
  • Fleshing score



Manuals & Other Materials

  • BAT2 scales give us the comfort of having accurate weights of our poultry anytime, all day long.
    R&D Department Hendrix Genetics, Hybrid Turkeys
  • The sorting lights and external battery sets have helped us get more out of our BAT1 scales and weigh more birds per weighing session.
    Cobb Germany
  • All the BAT products we use are very good and we are very satisfied with the quality and durability of the scales. They make our work easier and are very accurate. The data that the BAT1 provides helps us make proper decisions to increase uniformity. We currently use over 300 BAT scales on all our farms.
    Japfa Indonesia
  • We are tremendously satisfied with the BAT2 scales. The BAT Cloud application provides us with important data. Along with having different sorting options and an overview of data, the application makes slaughter planning easier from an instantaneous and daily perspective. This is very important for us. Thanks to the VEIT system, the accuracy of planning on our farms and slaughterhouses has greatly increased.
    Hubers Landhendl
  • Almost all of our farmers use BAT2 GSM scales, which enables us to predict the day of slaughter 8 days in advance and improves the forecast accuracy of the market weight to 30 grams.
    Director at Doux SA, France (now a part of LDC)
  • The BAT2 GSM completely transformed how we run our farms. The quality of the data we now have available to us is much better and gives us the fresh insights we need to make the right decisions the first time.

Globally trusted for a reason…
Actually, many reasons

Designed for live, moving poultry

Designed for live, moving poultry

The BAT1 identifies the perfect moment to accurately record a moving bird’s weight for more consistent results in less time.

Single-person operation

Single-person operation

Get the most out of your workforce. An ergonomic, lightweight design, an internal speaker to signal a successful reading, and one-touch sex sorting and fleshing score all contribute to faster, more comfortable weighing and more insightful statistics.

Fast, reliable statistics

Fast, reliable statistics

Say goodbye to Excel sheets. Every scale has a built-in computer to automatically record each weight and even calculate the statistics that power your decisions, such as uniformity, fleshing scores, average weight, coefficient of variation, and histograms.

Powerful PC software included

Powerful PC software included

Each scale includes our powerful data management software to help you compare results between farms, houses and flocks or even check them against recommended standards.

Imagine the difference that real, reliable weight data
can make in your business.

BAT1 Accessories

  • Carry case

    Easy transport of your scale and accessories.

  • Advanced hook

    For faster bird handling and weighing.

  • Cone hook

    Ideal if you don’t want to hang a bird by its legs or wings.

  • Wing clamp

    For hanging birds by their wings for weighing.

  • Plate for day-old chicks

    For the most accurate weighing of day-old chicks.

  • Portable, battery-powered printer

    Quickly print your weight report right at the scale.

  • Additional sorting lights

    Extra-visible indicator of which weight group a bird belongs in.

  • External battery pack for BAT1 scale

    Weigh for longer periods of time, no matter where you are.

Durable accuracy you can count on for years… and years.

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