BAT2 Connect Series

Get ready for powerful new ways to help you stay connected to your flocks.

BAT Connect – Automatic Scale

Poultry scales for the 21st century

You spoke and we listened! Along with a fresh look, our latest series of award-winning poultry scales offers new automated ways to collect and work with your data, as well as numerous usability improvements.

Bat Connect Scale
  • Streamlined design

    Streamlined design

    Hybrid touchscreen/keyboard controls and a beautiful full-color interface.

  • Next-level data transfer

    Next-level data transfer

    Unprecedented levels of connectivity to accelerate your flock management.

  • Richer data

    Richer data

    Automated reports with individual body weights and all your raw data.

Bat Connect Scale
  • Works with your ERP

    Works with your ERP

    API-driven integration puts all your data right in front of you, wherever you are.

  • Multi-source data collection

    Multi-source data collection

    Gather data from multiple locations throughout an entire house with a single scale.

  • Unbeatable security

    Unbeatable security

    A specialized OS and encrypted multi-tier data backups keep your data safe.

New Hang&Go system to get you set up
and weighing in minutes!

Easily installed by anyone < 5 minutes.
Set up
Set up
Automated USB setup and 3-touch calibration.
Your scale collects and reports your data for you!

Designed with you in mind

Amazingly easy to use

Amazingly easy to use

The new, swipe-friendly interface is so responsive and intuitive, you don’t even need a manual to set it up!

Dual-keyboard design

Dual-keyboard design

A large full-color touchscreen paired with traditional keyboard controls for gloved or dirtier work make navigating and operating the scale a breeze!

Three useful display presets

Choose one of the specially tailored presets (Basic, Advanced & Combo) or easily swipe between them for fast reference to the information most important to you.

Numerous language options

Numerous language options

Currently available in 16 languages from all over the world with many more on the way. Comes pre-set with your language of choice and changing to another language is easy.

Made possible by your feedback!

Built to handle the future of poultry business

Protected, inset display

Protected, inset display

Durable scratch- and crack-resistant glass is inset to reduce wear and tear even more.

Insulated against water and dust

Insulated against water and dust

IP23-rated connectors prevent water damage and increase the lifespan of your scales.

Resilient polycarbonate construction

Resilient polycarbonate construction

Molded from our own blend of stress-resistant plastic to withstand the demands of heavy-duty use.

Unrivaled accuracy up to 100kg

Unrivaled accuracy up to 100kg

Each scale and sensor boasts a max weight of 100kg, ensuring that our algorithms deliver the most reliable data, no matter how big your birds are.

Convenient, reliable peace of mind

Stay connected to your flocks!

New ways to transfer your data

New ways to transfer your data

The BAT2 Connect Series offers groundbreaking data transfer methods for unmatched versatility and freedom when managing your flocks, including WiFi, 4G, ethernet, and even long-distance radio signal.

Richer data, wherever you are

Richer data, wherever you are

Now you have total control over the weight data you receive and how. Automated reports guarantee that reliable individual bird weights and comprehensive statistics will always be within reach.

Convenient USB now standard

Convenient USB now standard

No more running back and forth. Now data from all your scales can be loaded onto the same USB stick at once for easy manual transfer to a computer. Scale setup and updates are now faster than ever, too!

Works with your farm management system

Simple, MTech-ready API integration

Simple, MTech-ready API integration

No programming required! With the help of our secure BAT Cloud service, each scale can deliver all your weight data to your MTech farm management system as frequently and in as much detail as you’d like.

Compatible with any ERP

Compatible with any ERP

Using a different system? No need to worry! Each scale comes with a detailed integration manual to make any necessary programming much easier. If needed, our team of integration specialists is available to help.

Multi-level redundancy for your data

Multi-level redundancy for your data

The security of your data is our top priority! Each scale retains every detail about your last four flocks, from start to finish. All your data is also backed up in our BAT Cloud service for easy recovery.

New, easier ways to manage
your birds

BAT2 Connect scale

Choose the best way to upgrade
your business

BAT2 Connect 4G

This SIM-card-ready automatic scale is ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their management strategy with smooth, reliable collection of detailed weight data from remote locations.

BAT2 Connect 4G

Result Output

  • 4G/GSM


    Uses a SIM card to send data to your management system, BAT Cloud, or phone.
  • Visual


    Weight, statistics and graphs can be displayed on the unit.

support included

Need help implementing your scales or resolving literally any other issue? Whatever you’re up against, our eager team of experts is always here for you.


  • Hanging plate 500 x 500 mm

    Small hanging plate for weighing poultry (max. 50 kg)

  • Hanging plate 800 x 800 mm

    Large hanging plate for weighing poultry (max. 50 kg)

  • Hanging plate for turkeys 830 x 830 mm

    Large hanging plate for weighing turkeys (max 100 kg)

  • Floor platform 750 x 750 mm

    Floor-mounted platform for weighing poultry (max 120 kg)

  • External sensor 100 kg

    Sensor for weighing poultry (max 100 kg)

  • Extension cable for external sensor – 5 m

    Connects an external sensor to a scale up to 5 metres away

  • Extension cable for external sensor – 15 m

    Connects an external sensor to a scale up to 15 metres away

  • Extension cable for external sensor – 30 m

    Connects an external sensor to a scale up to 30 metres away

  • Extension cable for external sensor – 50 m

    Connects an external sensor to a scale up to 50 metres away

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